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Smile Smile :) :-) (:
Wink Wink ;)
Frown Frown :(
Mad Mad :mad: >:( :@
Confused Confused :confused:
Cool Cool :cool: 8-)
Stick Out Tongue Stick Out Tongue :p :P :-p :-P
Big Grin Big Grin :D
Eek! Eek! :eek: :o
Oops! Oops! :oops:
Roll Eyes Roll Eyes :rolleyes:
Er... what? Er... what? o_O O_o o.O O.o
Kappa Kappa Kappa kappa KAPPA
Salty Salty salty SALTY
PJSalt PJSalt salt SALT PJSalt pjsalt PJSALT
Banter Banter banter Banter BANTER
4Head 4Head 4Head 4head 4HEAD
Illuminati Illuminati Illuminati illuminati ILLUMINATI
Kreygasm Kreygasm Kreygasm kreygasm KREYGASM
WutFace WutFace WutFace wutface WUTFACE Wutface wutFace
BibleThump BibleThump BibleThump biblethump BIBLETHUMP Biblethump bibleThump
Rekt Rekt Rekt rekt REKT