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3v3 Event! - EVENT OVER

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Always_Unhappy, May 12, 2015.

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  1. Always_Unhappy

    Always_Unhappy Community Leader

    Jan 30, 2014
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    Welcome all Icewynd players to the first official PvP Event for Factions 5.0! Please read this thread for information about the event, and pay close attention. Any posts irrelevant will be deleted and have the potential to ban teams from the event. Continue to read the rules below for more information about this event.

    You! You will be able to participate in this event with ANY other 2 members, they do NOT need to be in the same faction as you. Please post your 2 teammates in game names, as well as your own. After this each team may place ONE additional member onto this team, making the list total to four. The last player listed should be a 'backup' in case of an emergency, or if one other teammate is missing. You may NOT sign up a team of two. Please find your team prior to posting in this thread, Any post that does not follow the give format will be deleted and have the potential to ban teams from participating.

    It's a PvP Event! Teams of three will be assigned to fight against another team of three until one team is completely eliminated. Each player has one life, and kits will be given to each player. This means that all players must come with an empty inventory - and they leave with one, too. Any attempt to steal items from the arena will result in immediate disqualification, without warning. Players may not 'Pot Up' or 'Eat A Gapple' before being teleported to the arena. No players are allowed to have ANY advantages. If the staff do not trust certain teams, the players may be hit with a "/kill" to cancel potential advantages.

    The PvP Event will be held on Sunday, May 17th @ 12:00pm(NOON NOT MIDNIGHT) EST. The first round will start at 12:00 , and for every 10 - 15 teams that sign up, the first round will last an extra hour. For example: if 10 teams sign up the first round will end at 1:00pm EST. On the other hand, if 25 teams sign up, then the first round will end at around 2:00pm EST. Get your team on as fast as possible, because these times are not guaranteed. The reason you are allowed to sign up with an extra teammate is in case one player cannot make it to the event. Please plan accordingly. Teams MAY be disqualified if they are not online when it is their turn, even if the time limit stated above has not been reached. You are all aware when the event starts, only sign up if you can make it.

    On PvP.Icewynd.net... duh! This event will be held on the factions server in a custom designed arena! It's top secret though! There is a chance that sneak peaks of the arena will be released later this week!

    Did you seriously just ask why....? It's fun - that's WHY! Come show off how deadly your faction is!

    100% chance that somebody would have called me out if I didn't put "How" on this list. I can't teach you how to PvP! I'm not even good at it! Just learn to PvP before the event and don't rely on clients! Any type of suspicion by spectators will be evaluated and can lead to disqualification and potentially a server ban. Play smart, because the staff is smarter (Roasted).

    Extra Stuffs :3
    I know a lot of people are wondering what their inventory will be like, as it is provided for you. The PvP kit that people will have is "/kit PvP". No other kits are allowed to be used, this includes calling kits in mid fight. If players are caught doing this (logs can be checked) they will be disqualified from the event. Here is the "/kit PvP" for anybody that is not familiar with it:
    • 1 Diamond Helmet - Protection 4 & Unbreaking 3
    • 1 Diamond Chestplate - Protection 4 & Unbreaking 3
    • 1 Diamond Leggings - Protection 4 & Unbreaking 3
    • 1 Diamond Boots - Protection 4 & Unbreaking 3
    • 1 Diamond Sword - Sharpness 5 , Fire Aspect 2 , & Unbreaking 3
    • 2 Splash Potion of Regeneration (1:30)
    • 1 Splash Potion of Strength (1:07)
    • 1 Drinkable Potion of Strength (1:30)
    • 3 Splash Potion of Swiftness 2 (1:07)
    • 1 Drinkable Fire Resistance Potion (8:00)
    • 22 Instant Health 2 Potions (Time N/A)
    Please keep all comments about the event on separate threads or in game. This thread is only for team sign ups. Below is the form that each team captain should sign up with. The team captain has one job: to sign their team up. Please do not submit more than one form per team, and do not sign up on multiple teams. Please copy and paste the following, as it will be the default form for each team:

    Team Name:
    Player 1:
    Player 2:
    Player 3:
    Backup Player:
    With that said, I wish the teams the best of luck, and all updates to this thread will be edited form the original post and will be noted below. Please be responsible, and have fun with the event. All situations will be handled accordingly. I wish you all the best of luck.

    Current players banned from participating:
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  2. Always_Unhappy

    Always_Unhappy Community Leader

    Jan 30, 2014
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    Event has been changed to Sunday @ 12:00pm EST. Please re-read the "WHEN?" Section for more information.
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